1. Goals and objectives
1.1. Development and promotion of mass sports;

1.2. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle;

1.3. Increase of participants' athletic skills;

1.4. Domestic and international tourism development.
2. Race Organizers
Public Association «Extreme Athletex»;
3. Time and Venue
Competitions are held on August 24-25, 2019 in Almaty Region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Start: GAISH Observatory

Finish: Kim-Asar gorge, the end of the asphalt road.
4. How to get to the start venue
4.1. Almaty is the biggest and closest city with an international airport.

4.2. Shuttle will be arranged from Almaty for participants to the start and from the finish line to the city. Transfer is included in the price of the participant package.

For fans and support team, the cost of transfer to the start and back to the city is 3000 tenge

4.3. Shuttle schedule:

Departure from Almaty: on August 24 at 04:00 from the hotel "Astana" (the intersection of Baitursynov and Satpayev streets). Travel time is 1 hour.

Departure from finish to Almaty: is based on bus filling up. Arrival in the city to the hotel "Astana"
5. Race format (General Information)
5.1. Distance details:

Length 50K+;

Ascent: 2600M+;

Descent: 3300M+;

The highest point (maximum altitude): 4000M ASL ;

Average altitude: 2800M ASL;

Start: August 24 (Saturday) 6:00AM;

The control time for the whole distance is 18 hours (until 00:00 hours on August 25).

Food stations: 3 points (bananas, chocolate, nuts, water, coca-cola): at 7K (before Tourist Pass uphill); at 20K «Krasnaya Polyana»; at 38K Butakovsky Pass.

The race is certified by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA)

(for more information, please visit

The race has the status of the qualifying race from the International Skyrunning Federation – 'ISF Qualified Course'

(For more information,

Points ITRA / UTMB 3 points;

Mountain coefficient 8;

Finisher index 170.

The distance is fully marked with warning tape (red and white).

5.2. The terrain is mountainous, stiff (rough ground). The route passes in remote area, no cellular coverage.

5.3. The race track runs along dirt roads and paths, in some places there are stone debris. On the pass of the Tourists the trail goes through the snow or along the firn. Crampons and other special equipment are not required (for Mandatory equipment see section 7).

5.4. Age categories:

Competition takes place in the individual championship. Team classification not allowed.

Winners are categorized by genders and age groups as follows:

18 - 29 (2001-1990)

30 - 39 (1989-1980)

40 - 49 (1979-1970)

50 - 59 (1969-1960)

60 + (1959 and older)

The age of the participant is determined by the year of birth at December 31, 2019.

5.5. Award Ceremony:

5.5.1 Every finisher who completes the race in time limit is awarded with finisher medal;

5.5.2. Winners of each age group are awarded with medals and diplomas;

5.5.3. Absolut winners, regardless of age category (3 male and 3 female sportsmen) are awarded with additional prizes from sponsors (if any).

The award ceremony will be held on August 25, 2019 in the city of Almaty at Bayzakov Street 280, Almaty Towers, 1st floor.
6. Requirements for participants, registration, entry fee
6.1 Participants are allowed to participate over 18 years old.

6.2 The participant must undergo a medical examination and have no contraindications to sports;

6.3 Each participant must complete the registration form on the competition website before August 11, 2019 (inclusive) or upon reaching the limit of participants (200 people) and pay the entry fee.

6.4. The size of the entry fee varies with the number of participants REGISTERED:

001 - 030 = 17 000 tenge

031 - 060 = 18 000 tenge

061 - 100 = 19 000 tenge

101 - 150 = 21 000 tenge

151 - 200 = 23 000 tenge

6.5 Return of the entry fee (in case of refusal to participate by the participant) is

Until 15 July 19 - 12 000 tenge

From 15 July 19 - the return of the entry fee is not carried out

6.6 In the registration field "Add a comment" you must indicate your compliance with the qualification requirements with the attachment of links to the finishing protocols;

6.7 Participants must meet at least one of the qualification requirements:

- Have confirmed (link to finish the protocol on the competition website) completed asphalt marathon (42km) faster 3:45 hours

- Have confirmed (link to finish the protocol on the competition website) completed trail 35+ km faster than 4:15;

- Have confirmed (link to finish the protocol on the competition website) completed distance greater than 50 km in the reference time set by the organizers of the competition;

- Have a confirmed (reference to the finish protocol on the competition website) completed distance of the Irbis Race 2018 at the control time set by the organizers of the competition;

These requirements apply to 2018 and 2019.

6.8 Each participant must send an ID card (or passport) to This is necessary to get a pass to the border zone.

6.9 Limit of participation 200 people.

6.10 A participant's package will be issued on August 23 (Friday) from 13:00 to 21:00 in Almaty at Bayzakova 280, Almaty Towers, Sm.Art Point, 1st floor.

6.11 A participant's package is issued personally to each participant upon presentation of an identity document. Receiving a number for another member is not possible.

6.12 By applying for a race, participants take responsibility for their health and all possible risks associated with participating in the competition, and disclaim responsibility from the organizers in the event of physical or material damage incurred by them in the process of direct participation in the race.

6.13. Each participant, before receiving the start package, signs a liability release of race organizers application

6.14 The organizers reserve the right to refuse the potential participant to participate in the competition if they do not meet the qualification requirements (see clause 6.7.) Without returning the entry fee.
7. Mandatory Equipment
The list of mandatory equipment, which participant is obliged to carry with / on themselves throughout the race. Leaving (intentional or loss) on the distance of one or several things from the mandatory list leads to the disqualification of the participant.

- Whistle;

- Rescue blanket;

- The stock of drinking water (or sports drink) is at least 1 liter;

- Mug (there will be no cups on food items)

- Power (nutrition) supply;

- Waterproof and wind-protective jacket with a hood with taped seams, minimum weight 180 grams;

- Waterproof and wind-protective pants, the minimum weight of 100 grams;

- Thin gloves;

- Waterproof headlamp with spare batteries;

- Headgear - cap, bandana or hat;

- Sunglasses;

- A backpack that holds all the required equipment.
8. Participant package includes
- Start number with 4 pins;

- Electronic chip mounted on the wrist (must be passed to the judge at the finish);

- Map of the route;

- Insurance (includes evacuation by helicopter in case of emergency);

- Food stations on the distance

- Food at the finish

- Shuttle ticket (from the city to the start and from the finish to the city)

- Transportation of personal belongings (no more than 40 liters) from start to finish

- Branded souvenir

- Finisher Medal
8. Agenda of competition
5August 23 (Friday)

13:00 - 21:00 issuance of the participant package. Almaty, Bayzakov 280, Almaty Towers, Sm.Art Point, 1st floor

August 24 (Saturday)

04:00 Shuttle departure from the city;

05:30 Collection of participants in the starting camp, control check of mandatory equipment;

05:45 Pre-start briefing

06:00 Start

12:00 Expected time of first finishers

00:00 (August 25) Control time

August 25 (Sunday)

12:00 Awarding Ceremony. Almaty, Bayzakov 280, Almaty Towers, Sm.Art Point, 1st floor.
10. Contacts
Contact e-mail of the organizers: /

Tel .: +7 (705) 602 42 49